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Meet the team

Harriet – Co-Founder/Director 

Harriet co-founded Wallace Sewell with Emma in 1992 after they completed their MA in Textile Design together at the Royal College of Art. Designing on a handloom from her studio in Dorset, Harriet creates designs as she weaves, exploring multiple colours and patterns. Visiting London at least once a week Harriet keeps in close conversation with the rest of the team.  

Emma – Co-Founder/Director

Emma co-founded Wallace Sewell with Harriet in 1992 after they completed their MA in Textile Design together at the Royal College of Art. While both are creative and work collaboratively on the designing, Emma has a keen interest in the technical aspect of weaving. Emma is also a visiting tutor at the Royal College of Art.

Kate - Managing Director

Kate started as an intern in 2007 after completing her textile degree and is now a vital part of the Wallace Sewell team, as Emma and Harriet’s right-hand lady.  Her focus is developing the business and managing the team. In 2017 after two years of studying part-time Kate completed a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Westminster.

Ingrid - Studio Designer

After completing her textile design degree, Ingrid joined the team in 2012 and works alongside Emma and Harriet on the designing. She experiments with new structures and patterns on a handloom in the London studio, whilst working closely with the mill in Lancashire to guide the transition of hand woven samples, on to state-of-the-art industrial looms.

Meg - Business Development Manager

Meg also graduated with a textile design degree and became a member of the team in 2013. Meg is the lynch pin, working closely with Andrea to manage all trade orders, with Ingrid coordinating the production process and corresponding with stockists around the world.  She uses her cool head to keep track of stock, making sure every scarf and throw arrives with the right customer.

Andrea - Production Manager

Andrea started working with Wallace Sewell back in 2004, in their shop as their Saturday girl and after pursuing other career paths, joined the team full time in 2016. Andrea is based at the mill in Lancashire and is a valuable connection between the team in London and the team up north. With a background in woven textiles, Andrea oversees the quality control of every scarf and throw, before they are sent out, ensuring each order is dispatched on time.

Angela - Social Media Marketing Manager

Angela has a background in Fine Art, design, and architectural modelmaking, which means the details are important! She uses her social media and digital marketing skills to tell the Wallace Sewell story, increase brand awareness and build our online community. She joined the team in 2019, and is responsible for our newsletters, creating digital content, and managing relationships between brand followers - making sure they always know how appreciated they are.

Cara - Junior Designer & Production Manager

Cara studied Textile Design at Central Saint Martins and interned with us, both in our London studio and in the workroom at the mill, to gain industry experience during her course. She joined Wallace Sewell in 2020, and works closely with Emma, Harriet & Ingrid as part of the design team, creating collections from initial inspiration to the final product, whilst also liaising with the mill, to make sure our fabric is woven correctly. Cara can usually be found working on the handloom in the London studio, developing new patterns and woven structures.

Abbie - Logistics & Operations Manager

Abbie studied Textiles in Practice at the University of Huddersfield and completed an internship with both Wallace Sewell and the Mill during her year in industry. She joined the team in 2021 and her knowledge and expertise allow us to smoothly manage our product flow from manufacture to it’s dispatch from our workroom. Organised and very approachable, Abbie liaises with our global trade customers too to ensure their orders are fulfilled.

Kayleigh - Administrative Assistant

Kayleigh is a valuable part of our team, bringing her knowledge and experience from the world of hospitality directly to our growing trade customer base in both the UK and around the globe. She joined the team in 2022 and provides essential support to Meg and Abbie to ensure our stockists get the right products at the right time.


Holly - Studio & Retail Manager

Holly joined our team in 2022 with a passion for textile design, which she studied at Central Saint Martins. Her friendly enthusiasm and keen organisational skills have helped to enhance our shop. Holly assists Angela and Kate with social media and newsletter campaigns, along with managing internships during the year - creating an exciting learning opportunity for those who work alongside us!

Billie - Production Assistant

Janet - Production Assistant

Charlotte - Production Assistant