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19 Jan 2023

Exclusive Liselotte Rug only 5 available with 30% off!

We always aim to manufacture as responsibly as possible - which also means production is in small batches, and where possible we make enough to satisfy orders and expected demand. It's not always an exact science, and working with natural materials means that sometimes we have some surprises - they are beautiful, even if not quite expected!

We had some initial runs made of one of our Pinstripe rug designs, and the main colour was definitely more pink than the intended deep red, but still strikingly lovely.

We are putting these strictly limited-edition original rugs for sale at a discounted price, and as they are already made, you won't have to wait the usual 12-14 weeks lead time!
Did you know... Our rugs are created using hand-tied knots of wool, which makes them dense and hard-wearing but also luxuriously soft underfoot. The standard knotting proportion used is 3.3 knots and 2 lines per centimeter. To put this in perspective, our standard-sized rugs are 1.2 x 1.8m or 396 knots wide by 360 lines... which makes a total of 142,560 knots overall!

We work with a UK-based company that manufactures bespoke handmade modern rugs in Nepal. They are proud to have achieved the Goodweave Award, which ensures good practice and fair conditions for the workers, and consumers are confident when they make purchases.

You can read more about the whole process in one of our previous newsletters...
Wallace Sewell rugs: the full story

Liselotte Pinstripe Rug
Hand knotted in Nepal
120cm x 180cm
100% lambswool

Originally £1890
Now £1323 (30% off)

Available for immediate delivery.

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