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07 Jun 2024

Here Comes The Shetland Collection!

We are thrilled to introduce our latest collection of throws and cushions, perfect for outdoor living and indoor cosiness. Launching today, we present the Shetland 2024 Collection!

This collection features three designs, each available in four colourways – true to Wallace Sewell's signature style, offering a rich array of colours and textures to choose from.

Long-time Wallace Sewell fans might recognise these designs from our 2014 launch. After they quickly sold out, we have received regular requests over the past decade to bring them back. Originally featuring three colourways per design, we’ve updated this collection with a brand-new palette for each, bringing a fresh, modern twist to these beloved classics.

We usually weave with merino lambswool, so it's always exciting to design with a different yarn in mind. Each material has unique qualities and requires a slightly different approach, and we love the soft diffused look of Shetland.

Lambswool comes from the first shearing of young sheep, typically under 7 months old. Shetland Wool comes from Shetland sheep which are bred in the harsh and cold climate of Scotland’s Shetland Islands. The wool is not as fine or soft as lambswool (although it is still soft) but is incredibly tough and warm, making it suitable for garments that need to withstand colder temperatures or items that are more hardwearing. The Shetland yarn is cheaper than lambswool, which means this collection has a lower price point.

Did you know? Shetland yarn was the favoured fibre for Viking longboat sails, as well as the traditional choice for fishermen’s jumpers, and used to create the specialist climbing apparel for Sir Edmund Hillary and his Everest expeditions in 1953.

Take a closer look at the collection...

Waffle - A diffused version of Wallace Sewell’s classic lambswool honeycomb design. Our distinctive 3D motif has a softer appearance when woven in Shetland wool, but the interplay of layers keeps the bouncy feel.

Ripple - Contrasting weaves create an intricately patterned design full of crisp graphic motifs and gently heathered bands of colour.

Tweed - This calm but intricately patterned design uses some traditional tweed weaves as a nod to the history of Shetland wool. Combining long chevrons and stripes with areas of plain and twill motifs this design has lots of subtle details.

Shetland wool is hardwearing so this collection is perfect for outdoor use - think conservatories, summer houses, beach huts, camper vans and of course picnic blankets. These can also work well in homes with pets or children!

Product details:
Waffle Throws - 100% Shetland wool 
160cm x 165cm (64" x 66")

Ripple - 100% Shetland wool 
170cm x 170cm (68" x 68")

Tweed - 100% Shetland Wool
170cm x 170cm (68" x 68")