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19 May 2023

Imperfectly Perfect

We are well-known for weaving designs with natural materials, and using rich and varied colour palettes but occasionally, we experience issues in production. Although these scarves may not be perfect, they are still beautiful items - we call them 'Imperfectly Perfect'!

These pure Silk Block scarves have minor flaws that were highlighted in our quality checking - some have slight marks where dye from the warp stripes has blotted onto the cloth, while others have pulled, or missing threads. These are very subtle and are not obvious when worn but because they are Imperfectly Perfect we are discounting the price by 30%.

The small flaws are shown on our website listing so you can see them for yourselves or you can, of course, come into the shop in person. We aim to manufacture as responsibly as possible, but weaving isn't always an exact process - by offering these scarves to our customers at a lower price, we can keep our production methods sustainable.

An ideal scarf for warmer temperatures, our Silk Block collections are woven with 100% silk, juxtaposing bold, asymmetric stripes and subtle structures with a beautifully silken, flat finish.

Silk Block Scarf
100% Silk 
29 x 163 cm (11 x 64")
was £120
now £84