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12 Aug 2023

Introducing our new rug designs

We have four new additions to our collection of exquisite hand-knotted lambswool rugs. Each design is inspired by our woven throws of the same names, scaled up to room-sized proportions for maximum effect.

Gwynne, Antoni and Chipperfield are new in the Block collection, while Rona joins the Tweed range. There are now 10 designs across 3 styles, so you can mix or match rugs with cushions and throws to suit your preference.

Dense and luxurious underfoot, these rugs will bring warmth and colour to your home, in our distinctive style.

Did you know... Our rugs are created using hand-tied knots of wool, which makes them dense and hard-wearing but also luxuriously soft underfoot. The standard knotting proportion used is 3.3 knots and 2 lines per centimeter. To put this in perspective, our standard-sized rugs are 1.2 x 1.8m or 396 knots wide by 360 lines... which makes a total of 142,560 knots overall!

We work with a UK-based company that manufactures bespoke handmade modern rugs in Nepal. They are proud to have achieved the Goodweave Award, which ensures good practice and fair conditions for the artisans, and allows consumers to be confident when they make purchases.

You can read more about the whole fascinating process, and more about the Goodweave Award in one of our previous newsletters...

Lambswool Rugs
100%  lambswool
120cm x 180cm (47 x 71")
(Approximately 330 x 200 knots p/m2)
Handknotted in Nepal

Please allow 12-14 weeks for delivery

If you require a bespoke size to fit your space, please get in touch and we can adjust the rugs to the dimensions you need‚Äč