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02 Oct 2023

The Wonders Of Wool

Sometimes, two brands are so perfectly matched that a collaboration seems inevitable! Introducing the Wallace Sewell + YUYU collection... 

We were YUYU customers before teaming up with founder Richard Yu to create this exclusive range of lambswool covers, so we know first-hand just how good these hot water bottles are! 

Definitely not a quirky gimmick, YUYU reinvented the hot water bottle, to create an ergonomic and more effective design that is as stylish as it is practical. You'll wonder why we stuck with the traditional shape for so long! The extra-long rubber bottles mean they can wrap around your body and keep more of you warm, but the clever design means you still only need the same amount of water to fill it. Saving energy and time. YUYU Bottles are wearable – adding a revolutionary strap means you can go hands-free in bed, around the house or even wear them on the go. The ultimate self-care accessory provides both comfort and pain relief.

We have always liked to think of our scarves and throws as woven hugs, and now with a Wallace Sewell lambswool cover on a YUYU hot water bottle, your cuddle has just been upgraded to maximum luxury level! 

We are launching our Wallace Sewell + YUYU covers to coincide with Wool Month, an annual event organised throughout October by The Campaign for Wool. The theme for this year's campaign is 'Keep Warm With Wool'. 

The Campaign for Wool's key aim is to draw attention to some of the newest products, companies, and innovations that can positively contribute to the future health of our planet.

As awareness of how our actions directly impact climate change increases, the search for 'better' products and meaningful solutions grow. Wool, as a natural and 100% biodegradable and regenerative fibre, can play a crucial role in helping reduce the alarming number of synthetic fibres being put into landfill worldwide. Both the YUYU rubber bottle and our lambswool cover are 100% natural and biodegradable.

Wool is a natural temperature insulator, so the Wallace Sewell + YUYU lambswool cover will keep you warm for longer (but usefully, can also keep you cool during hot days, hot flashes or for self-care if you use cold water instead.)

Perfect for reducing energy costs this winter, your YUYU Bottle can be used for keeping warm working from home, walking the dog, after a cold-water swim, watching weekend outdoor sports, snuggled up with a book, on the sofa with a box set, under the covers... basically anywhere!

Good to know... Heating 5 YUYU Bottles per day will keep your body warm for 10+ hours and cost as little as £3.00 per month! Compared to rising gas prices of £333.00 a month.* 

*Source: The Energy Saving Trust 

The Wallace Sewell + YUYU Bottle covers are 100% Lambswool with a pixelated design from our Pinstripe collection along the full 81cm length. They are lined with 100% cotton for extra heat retention and have 100% cotton straps.

Each cover has been handcrafted by members of our talented team at the Mill in Lancashire, and they’ve even put their names to them. Discover who has sewn your YUYU cover by looking at the label!

Available in 7 colour variations 
Size: 81cm x 13cm
Price: £95

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