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10 Sep 2023

Unveiling the inspiration for our new collection!

The 2023 collection comprises 46 scarves across 9 designs, including new wraps and tippets. All are luxuriously woven in our trademark natural materials including lambswool, silk, cashmere, silk chenille, and mohair - and we can't wait for you to see it!

This year's collection was inspired by the works of two great American artists, Lois Dodd and Edward Hopper.

Lois Dodd (born 1927 in Montclair, New Jersey) is an American painter known for her contemplative depictions of landscapes, windows, and interiors around her homes in New York, New Jersey, and Maine. We all fell in love with her use of colour and light, depicting a mix of suburban architecture, domestic landscapes, and floral garden scenes, all created with a sense of quiet and calm. A prolific painter, Lois Dodd had her largest solo exhibition this summer in Connecticut, aged 95!

The design team recognised echoes of Edward Hopper's paintings and so decided the pair would make a great source of inspiration for this year's collection. Hopper was preoccupied with capturing the glorious luminosity of light within his compositions and, like Dodd, depicted a mix of city and suburban domestic situations from along America's East Coast. Together, the paintings of these two artists gave us a vast amount of inspiration and joy for our 2023 collection. Both Dodd and Hopper used vivid and dramatic colour palettes with luminous sky blues, floral pinks, deep midnights, limitless greens, earthy leather tones, and bright yellows, and you will see how we translated those into our woven designs.

When designing this new collection, the design team immersed themselves in the work of Dodd and Hopper, studying their paintings both compositionally and tonally. Rather than translating a painting directly, it is important for us to understand the emotion and intent, we look at the colour palette as a whole, and how the juxtaposition of tone, light, and weight influences each piece.

We decide on the yarn to use across the whole collection - not only does this make for a cohesive and aesthetically-pleasing range, but it has benefits for the production process too.

Emma, Harriet, Ingrid and Cara all have handlooms in their studios and much of the initial design process is informed by hand swatches created by each designer. Creative meetings take place both in-person and virtually as ideas are discussed and built upon. After months of development, final swatches are approved and manufactured on the industrial power looms at the Mill in Lancashire.

It's always a busy summer, weaving, finishing, cutting and checking each scarf for the autumn/winter collection, but we are so excited to be launching to retail later this month.

All of the 2023 designs have been named after American East Coast towns, architects and areas that featured in the life and work of Dodd and Hopper. You'll have to wait until the launch to see each range and colourway in full but we have: 

Lambswool Pattern Fremont scarves
Lambswool Stripe Nyack scarves
Lambswool Texture Houten scarves
Lambswool Gesner wraps
Pure Silk Montclair scarves
Silk & Lambswool Remsen scarves
Silk & Linen Aldine scarves
Wool & Cashmere Euclid tippets
Wool Doublecloth Lydecker wraps