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Wallace Sewell send out thousands of individual products each year and good packaging is essential to ensure they all arrive in perfect condition. However, packaging can also generate large amounts of waste, therefore the team endeavour to thoughtfully select the materials used and minimise the amount of plastic consumed.

In 2019 we developed a new alternative to our old biodegradable bags. The biodegradable bags were made out of plastic compounds and disposed of in landfill, where they would take a long time to biodegrade, perhaps several years.

When searching for a suitable alternative, it was important to find a waterproof and durable material, which would protect the products and ensure that they arrive with customers in perfect condition, while also meeting our sustainable aims.

The result of our investigations is our wonderful compostable bags, which are made of natural potato-starch and biologically sourced polymers. These bags can be put in your household compost bins and degrade a lot faster than our previous bags. When in industrial composting conditions, they can decompose in less than 90 days.

We have also removed plastic from our postal packaging wherever possible. When dispatching orders, we use cardboard boxes, paper envelopes and paper tape. Paper is a renewable resource and can be more easily recycled when it is not combined with other materials.